Did Justin Bieber mention Selena Gomez on his birthday?

Did Justin Bieber mention Selena Gomez on his birthday?

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On Wednesday, March 1, the singer Justin Bieber turned 29, so last weekend a small get-together was held as a celebration so that this big event wouldn’t go unnoticed, in such a private party with few guests, still managed to be a tendency.

As they say the Jenner sisters were present, so was his wife hailey bieberHowever, what would catch the eye would be that the Canadian singer-songwriter gave very special memories to the guests, with a very particular phrase.

“I am very grateful that I did not achieve what I thought I wanted”

Letting suspect that it was Selena Gomez, since for several years these two artists had been trying to make their relationship work, despite many breakups, justin bieber and the disney ex-daughter they just tried again.

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Social network users quickly put him in touch with the interpreter of “same old love“, so the bad comments towards this alleged action did not wait since they argued that he was already married and that several years had already passed.

However, his fans jumped to his defense, because in the letter there is a word that could indicate that he does not really refer to Selena Gomezbecause the complete sentence in English is the following:

“I’m so grateful that I’m not done with that I thought I wanted”

Well, in English, the word “what” is used in this type of context when referring to objects and articles, whereas for grammatical reasons “who” (meaning who in Spanish) is necessarily necessary to be able to talk about people, so with that they defend justin bieber.

Did Justin Bieber mention Selena Gomez on his birthday?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the party was a very private event, however, this photograph became a trend because one of the guests, who is dedicated to production, shared it in the stories of his Instagram account .


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