Desiigner is taking a break from his music career to focus on his mental health!  – Married biography

Desiigner is taking a break from his music career to focus on his mental health! – Married biography

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Desiigner is taking a break from his music career to focus on his mental health!

Desiigner seeks help after his mental health issues. source: page 6

  • Desiinger announced that he would be taking a career break due to mental health issues.
  • The rapper allegedly exposed himself during a recent robbery.
  • He also explained what made him act in such an unusual way.

Designer addresses his mental health issues

Rapper Designer revealed that he was taking a well-deserved break from his music career for the sake of his mental health. The news came after he apparently exposed himself while traveling on an international plane recently.

THE Panda The rapper explained that he had a bad chemical reaction to a new drug that made him act weird. It happened while he was on a flight home from his visit to Thailand and Tokyo.

He wrote on his Instagram Story on Thursday,

“For the past few months, I have not been well and I find it difficult to accept what is happening”,

“While I was overseas for a gig I played in, I had to be admitted to hospital, I couldn’t think clearly.”

The rapper exposed himself on a plane. source: page 6

THE AMEN the rapper continued,

“They gave me medicine and I had to jump on a plane to get home. I’m ashamed of my actions that happened on that plane. I landed in the United States and I admit myself in an establishment to help me.

The rapper also said he will be canceling all of his upcoming shows while still getting the mental help he needs.

The 25-year-old concluded,

“Mental health is real guys, please pray for me,”

“If your [sic] don’t feel like yourself, please get help.

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Designer’s past controversial acts

Sources have revealed that the rapper whose real name is Sidney Selby will thankfully face no criminal charges despite his confusing behavior during the flight.

This is the second time Sidney has escaped a prison sentence.

A few years ago, the controversial rapper was arrested in New York on drug charges and threatening charges. The charges, however, were dropped three months later.

At the time of his arrest, police also revealed that the rapper had a handgun during a fight on the road. Despite this, he was never charged with anything related to firearms and violence.

He will not face any criminal charges for the theft incident. source: page 6

Fans flooded the comments section to send their best wishes to the troubled rapper.

A fan wrote,

“The saddest thing about all of this is you can tell he’s a great, kind person, not many rappers are like that. I wish this man the best.

Another wrote,

“To say his sanity is tragically destroyed based on a bereavement video is a super reach. He will be fine and doing better than most”

A third user added,

“It was a lot of pressure for a high school student. I don’t think I realized how young he was. Kudos to this young man for his success.

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