Dem calls ‘twilight zone’ debt ceiling nonsense

Dem calls ‘twilight zone’ debt ceiling nonsense

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During yesterday’s debt ceiling debate, Rep. Joe Neguse made Republicans look like absolute fools.

House Republicans have tried to claim that President Biden is the culprit for their simulation and refusal to produce a real House budget (or do any relevant work for the US economy).

Representative Neguse called them correctly.

JOE NEGUSE (D-NY): Some of those phrases, sort of blaming the president, and describing… I think he used the word procrastination and long delays.

I hope we can certainly disabuse the American public of one of these exaggerations and, in my opinion, lies about the nature of the negotiations that took place.

The president presented a budget months ago.

Mr. President, President Smith, do you know when the President submitted his budget to the United States Congress?

SMITH: I don’t remember, — but

NEGUSE: It was March 9th.

SMITH: It was late. It was for February 1.

NEGUSE: Oh, I’m glad you noted that. President Smith, when did the Republicans submit their budget?

SMITH: You should ask the budget president.

NEGUSE: I would have to ask the president for the budget. Well, Mr. Estes, when did the Republicans submit their budget? By the way, only in the rules committee could a witness criticize the president for presenting his budget a few weeks late, when his party did not submit a budget, period. . I don’t know if I live in the Twilight Zone.

“I don’t remember” sounds like a Trump deposition.