Defense Minister of Ukraine received at the Elysee

Defense Minister of Ukraine received at the Elysee

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cover image: Meeting between Lloyd Austin, United States Secretary of Defense and his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksiy Rezniko on January 20, 2022 in Ramstein, Germany. Wolfgang Ratte/Reuters

  • Asked about the hypothetical shipment of fighter jets to Ukraine during his visit to The Hague on Monday, Emmanuel Macron replied that, “by definition, nothing is excluded”,
  • Joe Biden flatly refused the idea of ​​sending US F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine on MondayWhose list of weapons aid is growing to drive the Russian army out of its occupied territory. ” No “the US president said when a reporter asked him about the possibility of the White House providing the equipment sought by Ukrainian leaders.
  • Ukraine denied on Monday that Russian troops are advancing, as Moscow claims, close to The city of Wohldar, a new hot spot on the fore.
  • The Kremlin has accused Boris Johnson of lying when he claimed, in a three-part BBC documentary, that Russian President Vladimir Putin had “Threat” referring to a shot from “missile”Shortly before the offensive in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine aims to join the European Union within two years. From Thursday, fifteen European commissioners will be in Kyiv to meet with members of the Ukrainian government. “We look forward to progressing and expediting our path to the signing of these agreements”Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denis Chmyhal explained on site Politics.
  • Finland wants to join NATO along with Sweden. Despite diplomatic tensions between Sweden and Turkey, Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto assured that the Finnish position was “Unchanged”,
  • France and Australia have signed an agreement to supply 155 mm shells to Ukraine To support it in its war against Russia, announced the French minister of the armed forces, Sébastien Lecornu, and the Australian defense minister, Richard Marles, on Monday.
  • Oslo plans to send 2 Leopard tanks to Ukraine “as soon as possible”the Norwegian defense minister told Agence France-Presse on Monday.

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