Dead Space is even scarier on PS5.  OK but why ?

Dead Space is even scarier on PS5. OK but why ?

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sports news Dead Space is even scarier on PS5. OK but why ?

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For Dead Space, it’s a big day! EA Motive’s remake is launching on PC and consoles on January 27th, 2023. On PS5, horror games will be even more exciting. Explanation from PlayStation.

Whether Astro’s Playroom, Returnal, or Ratchet & Clank apart from Rift, many titles – logically, especially PlayStation exclusives – take advantage of the advantages of the Dual Sense controller on the PS5. because yes, if you are not aware, the object gets embedded ‘Haptic Feedback’ (subtle and local vibrations that may be attributed to the footprints of a character, or a surface of some kind) and ‘Adaptive Trigger’, ie L2 | R2 which may show resistance when pressed. On returnals, for example, gently pressing one of the triggers activates the primary fire, while a firmer press triggers a secondary burst. Overall, the uses can be numerous. There’s a new kid who wants to contribute.

“As If You Were in Isaac’s Shoes”

This short new remake of the first Dead Space is coming to PC and next-generation consoles on January 27, 2023. “Thanks to the controller (…), players can enjoy full immersion in Isaac’s exciting journey aboard the USG Ishimura,” explains Vincent Wang, Brand Manager at EA Motive, the developer of this redesign ps-blog, “For example, our goal with the weapons was to give each of them a unique feel and feel when using them”. , These tools of war are important in Dead Space. All the gameplay in this game is based on destroying the creatures.

“During various events such as firing stages, asteroid impacts on the ship, and necromorph attacks, haptic feedback will allow you to experience the sound as if you were in Isaac’s shoes” – V. Wang, Brand Manager, EA Motive

Vincent Wang specifically mentions the legendary Plasma Cutter, which is perfect for cutting Necromorphs. “You place your finger on the DualSense controller’s trigger and press beyond the threshold needed to fire the weapon, feeling the weapon vibrate soon enough” can we read. It’s pretty much the same principle as for the flamethrower, with the addition of a vibration that accounts for the gas being turned into fire… As for haptic feedback, it’s the zero gravity field and telekinesis modules that are in the spotlight. In both cases, the shocks transcribe Isaac’s action. Even the controller’s speaker is put to good use (recharging stasis, using Tracer, etc.).

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