Chinese Foreign Minister Says NATO Is Responsible for Ukraine Crisis |  Report |

Chinese Foreign Minister Says NATO Is Responsible for Ukraine Crisis | Report |

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According to Mao Ning, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, NATO, not China, is responsible for the crisis in Ukraine and has no moral authority to condemn Beijing. Mao went on to say that NATO “is not in a position to criticize or pressure China” into taking its side, saying that “the United States and the NATO military bloc assume unavoidable responsibilities in the Ukrainian crisis”.

“China maintains a fair and impartial stance on the Ukrainian conflict. It said, “We have promoted a political settlement of the issue and worked for peace talks. The vast majority of countries around the world accept this approach.

Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO secretary general, on Wednesday warned China to rein in its “increasing alignment” with Russia and accused Beijing of “supporting the Russian economy” and “refusing to denounce Russian aggression”.

Stoltenberg continued, “it would be a historic mistake, with profound implications” to arm NATO’s fiercest enemy.

Beijing has frequently denied intending to provide deadly aid to Russia, and Russia has also refuted claims that it has asked Beijing for military equipment.

The two countries have grown closer over the past year and, after meeting in the Kremlin last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping pledged to “further deepen mutual military trust”.

Putin then stressed that there was only “cooperation in the field of military-technical interaction” and that there was no “imminent military alliance with China”. He claimed that the West was simply projecting its imaginary creation of a new axis resembling the fascist World War II adversary onto its main geopolitical adversaries.

Nonetheless, the United States has imposed sanctions on a number of Chinese companies for allegedly supplying components for Iranian drones, which Washington alleges Russia is using in Ukraine.

New sanctions have been imposed by the US Treasury against five Chinese companies and one individual who were allegedly ‘responsible for selling and shipping thousands of aerospace components’ to Iran, including parts that could be used to build drones. Iran has also denied giving Russia weapons to use in the Ukraine crisis.

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