Carlson addresses his Twitter timeline for the first time since being fired from Fox News |

Carlson addresses his Twitter timeline for the first time since being fired from Fox News |

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After being abruptly fired from Fox News earlier this week, Tucker Carlson finally spoke out in a video posted to Twitter just now. In an emotional speech, he pledged to continue promoting the truth even after leaving Fox News. When asked to wrap up, the former Fox News anchor said “the real stuff prevails” and “there is hope.”

More than 15 million people viewed the video within two hours of it being uploaded.

“Hello, this is Tucker Carlson. One of the first things you realize when you step out of the noise for a few days is how many really nice people there are in this country. Nice, decent people, people who really care about what’s true, and a bunch of hilarious people too. Lots of those. It must be the majority of the population, even now. So that’s encouraging.

The famous conservative went on to slam the “incredibly stupid” arguments in the mainstream media.

“When you step back for a moment, you also realize how ridiculously silly most of the talk you watch on TV is. It doesn’t even matter. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Five years from now, we won’t remember what they looked like or how we used them. Trust me, someone who’s been there. But, Carlson said, “it’s amazing that the issues that are undeniably important, the ones that will define our future, are almost never discussed.”

Conflict, freedom of speech, new scientific discoveries, population displacements, corporate influence, and the limited supply of natural materials are all high on this list. When was the last time you heard a serious argument on any of these topics? Time has passed considerably. Discussions of this kind are banned in mainstream American media.

Both parties and their backers have agreed on a course of action that would maximize their personal gains, and they are working together to keep the public from discussing the issue. The United States took on the appearance of a one-party state overnight. It’s a barrier to understanding, but it won’t last forever. Our existing dogmas will not last forever. They have no thinking skills. In reality, almost no one believes them. Almost no one’s quality of life is improved.

It’s a moment that can’t last because it’s too ridiculous. Those in power are aware of this. That’s why they act so aggressively and hysterically. They are afraid. They can no longer be convinced. They become violent. But that won’t do.

When truth tellers speak coldly and confidently, they gain influence. Simultaneously, the weakening and contraction of the liars who tried to calm them down. It is a universal truth that cannot be broken. The truth wins in the end. Where can you find real Americans today? It is true that there are not many options left, but those that do exist are sufficient. If you can understand what is being said, there is still a chance. Carlson said “See you soon” as his last comment.

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