California Man Dies Helping Ducks Cross Road: A Tale of Heroism and Tragedy |  wayne dupree

California Man Dies Helping Ducks Cross Road: A Tale of Heroism and Tragedy | wayne dupree

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Last week, as passers-by cheered, a Northern California man died after being hit by a car while helping a family of ducks cross a major intersection, witnesses said.

About 22 miles northeast of Sacramento in the town of Rocklin, Calif., the tragedy took place Thursday night. According to the Rocklin police, the man had parked his car and “would have tried to help some ducklings who were at the intersection”.

Then, according to authorities, a 17-year-old vehicle rammed the man who was on the road. While emergency personnel were on the scene to help, the man died, authorities said.

The man was helping the ducks avoid traffic, according to William Wimsatt, a 12-year-old who saw the wonderful acts and told KCRA 3. “He got out of the car and chased the ducks and everyone was cheering because ‘He was really nice,” Wimsatt told KCRA 3.

Police say the motorist is cooperating with them as they investigate the incident, but no one has been arrested. The intersection was closed following the collision until around 2 a.m. local time on Friday.

Wimsatt claimed that when the man helped the ducks in front of their car, he was photographed.

“He helped them up over the curb because all the little baby ducks were having trouble, then he walked past our car,” Wimsatt told KCRA 3, according to the incident. Although the intersection had a green signal, he said no cars were passing and residents cheered when the ducks managed to cross the street.

Wimsatt recalled the last seconds before the car hit the man: “My mother rolled down the window and shouted, ‘great job, great job’, and I also said ‘good job’ to her. The automobile, according to Wimsatt, seemed to come out of nowhere.

According to the New York Post, Wimsatt’s mother got out of her car to comfort the man’s children who were in his car at the time of the crash. The crossroads has been transformed into a temporary monument, decorated with flowers and inflatable ducks.