buy legal key at very low price

buy legal key at very low price

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Do you want to equip a PC with Windows 10? No need to turn to pirated versions, often infested with viruses: for a few euros, or even less, you can get a legal and functional license key.

To run an older PC that doesn’t support Windows 11 or use a virtual machine, you can turn to Windows 10. The system would refuse to work after a month. That’s why you need a license key to authenticate your version of Windows with Microsoft.

Many solutions are coming forward for this. You can of course orient yourself, while there’s still time, to the official Microsoft site. The publisher plans to stop marketing Windows 10 on January 31, 2023. Also not sure you can still download an iso image of the system. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to repatriate one (following the advice of our practical sheet) and keep it prized. However, a Windows 10 Home license key costs 145 euros at Microsoft. It’s a bit expensive for a system that will be abandoned in the short term. You may then be tempted to turn to pirate sites that also offer license keys. But there is no guarantee that they are reliable, that they are not already activated or that they have not been blacklisted from Microsoft’s servers because they were obtained illegally. To make very serious savings, the best thing to do is to turn to the big recognized online brands you already know such as Amazon, Cdiscount or Rakuten. These three giants, like many other recommended online merchants, offer Windows license keys at really discounted prices, sometimes up to -99% of the original price. bluff! With a little digging, you can get a completely legal Windows 10 activation key for only €0.90. Yes Yes !

Getting a Windows 10 activation key for less than a dollar can seem difficult. Nevertheless, there is nothing illegal in the operation. These licenses, at unbeatable prices, are typically purchased in bulk from companies that are changing their software or IT equipment – or that are going out of business. It can also be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) licenses through which versions of Windows are installed at the factory during the preparation of the PC for sale, and which are not used. These licenses are therefore, fully legal, fully functional and intended to be used in the same way as the official versions available from Microsoft. Thus we can take advantage of security updates and link them to a Microsoft account to benefit from backups in OneDrive, for example. However, for this price you only get one activation key. Usually, the vendor invites you to download your version of Windows with a (trusted) link. The key is sent to you by email along with an invoice and instructions on how to use it. Furthermore, Windows 10 is not the only system affected by this practice. There are already license keys for Windows 11 for less than two euros (knowing that a Windows 10 license allows you to get Windows 11 when necessary) but activation keys for the Microsoft Office office suite for the same price are also

Major brands like Amazon, Cdiscount or Rakuten sell license keys through their respective marketplaces – along with lesser-known sellers. They are still to be preferred, especially if you already have a client account, as they offer more guarantees by serving as an intermediary. However, you can directly turn to online merchants such as LaLicence, KeySoftware, Licentie Promo, or Destock Informatique etc. Some even provide activation keys for older versions of Windows, such as Windows 8 or 7. Be careful in choosing the version of the system that suits you (Home, Business, Pro) as the choice is often plentiful. Here are some direct links as examples. Also watch out for promotions which may vary depending on arrival.

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We have the opportunity to buy and use these types of keys at very low prices to equip an already functional old PC. Without encountering any unpleasant surprises. Even if a problem cannot be ruled out – in the event that a key sold in multiple copies is already used by another customer … – the risk is low. Especially when the license costs less than 1 euro!