Buttigieg drops GOP truth bomb over Biden’s economy

Buttigieg drops GOP truth bomb over Biden’s economy

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Sometimes Democrats aren’t good at messaging. If you read former President Donald Trump’s posts on his fraudulent version of Twitter, you’d think the economy is doomsday. However, if he had had Biden’s extension numbers when he was in office, he would never have stopped bragging about it.

Gas is much cheaper and inflation is cooling. Republicans don’t want to talk about it. They prefer to talk about Dylan Mulvaney.

During a CNN “State of the Union” interview, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg spoke about Biden’s economy. Buttigieg shows how every Democrat should discuss the economy.

“Seven out of 10 say economic conditions are bad,” said host Dana Bash. “Why don’t so many Americans seem to be feeling the benefits of Biden’s economic policies that you’re talking about?”

“Well listen, we’re seeing extraordinarily low unemployment, one of the biggest job creations under any president,” Buttigieg said. “By the way, we are also seeing unusually high levels of job satisfaction. We have seen inflation come down.

“We’ve seen manufacturing come back to the United States. Now obviously a lot of effort and a lot of money is being put into negativity to try to get people to focus on other things, like some of the things that we talk about in the culture wars that certain personalities bring up over and over again, I think because they don’t want to talk about the economic work that they do,” he continued.

“And they certainly don’t want to talk about, you know, if you’re talking about the House and Senate Republicans, why they voted no on the infrastructure package, the majority of them, although we appreciate the Republicans who crossed over to work with us,” Buttigieg said.

“You know, most House and Senate Republicans and state Legislative Republicans don’t want to dwell on why they said no to the thirty-five dollar per month caps on insulin or one of the other issues that really affects people,” he continued. “The other thing I’ve noticed in the way these things are digested in the public and in the media is that when something is unambiguously good, it gets a lot less attention.”

“That’s part of why we’ve taken to the road to highlight the very good work being done, the work being done in terms of long-term infrastructure improvements, the short-term successes to love the work that Governor Shapiro has led in Pennsylvania with our department’s partnership to restore ninety-five to operating condition in record time after it was destroyed in a violent and tragic accident,” he added.

Republicans voted against the legislation; then, when the benefits of the bill accrue to their state because of this legislation, they will take credit for the very thing they voted against.

They know the economy is not in trouble. They just lie.