Birds Kill Each Other for This Thing

Birds Kill Each Other for This Thing | the oldest nest ever recorded is the one
built by jer falcons 2500 years ago on a
cliff in Greenland it survived two world
wars 103 glacial earthquakes one of the
tallest tsunamis in human history and
may have witnessed the fall of a 58-ton
meteorite but how did the birds create
such a durable nest let’s find out
it’s hard to believe but there were
times when birds had no idea what modern
nests should look like made from the
branches on the tree are you serious why
would i need it when i can leave eggs
and fallen leaves or just on the ground
in a sunny spot but over time the
climate changed and the birds had to
adapt and reinvent their nests and the
weavers made the biggest advances here
they don’t just build shelters for
chicks they create weird architectural
masterpieces check this out weaver’s
nests are really amazing seriously if i
didn’t know that the birds did this i
would think a whole colony of some
insects was busy here but weavers got
their name for a reason they don’t just
build their nests they essentially weave
knit or sew it to camouflage the nest
well birds use carefully selected leaves
just like a professional tailor who
won’t work with bad fabrics weavers know
exactly what materials are right for
them keep in mind they also need to
stitch the leaves together without
needles and threads fortunately
evolution gave the weavers a long sharp
beak and ingenuity that even allows them
to steal threads from human dwellings
but usually they use more natural
ingredients to build nests like spider
webs excuse me have you seen my web i
have no idea what you’re talking about
in addition to carefully selected wide
strong leaves weavers also use grass and
sometimes over a thousand strands of
grass go into one nest they have to be
green and new in order to bend better
moreover after drying such grass becomes
quite durable it’s like concrete when
applied right it’ll harden and
strengthen the house after curing though
as i said the weavers find it important
to make their nests not only reliable
but also camouflaged you can understand
them when you’re a tiny bird and there
are many predators around your chances
to survive are slim especially when it
comes to chicks that can’t even fly away
but a long time ago the weavers had
analyzed the situation and found out
that the safest option is to place the
entrance to the nest below it’s too easy
to climb into the nest of any other bird
which rests on a branch or somewhere in
a hollow not in this case
scientists believe that the weaver
family occurred in the mid miocene era
that is they’ve probably been weaving
their nests for 15 million years already
and if you haven’t died out over such a
long period then you must definitely
know your business you can not only
afford to build unusual nests but also
to invent a couple of rituals well i
don’t know like a housewarming there are
over a hundred weaver bird species
mostly living in africa and asia and
males are most often the ones in charge
of building nests when the construction
is complete the bird announces it by
flapping its wings and inviting the
female to check out the work usually the
female has plenty to choose from almost
like in the real estate market in a new
district while the weaver who failed to
attract attention demolishes this nest
or rents it out to other animals and
starts building a new one during one
mating season a male can make several
nests but never become apparent probably
frustrating to just give up on the work
you put so much effort into especially
if you’ve done really well no wonder
other animals love to settle in weaver’s
nests these structures might seem
fragile but in fact in terms of strength
they’re on par with good ceramics yes
you can break it but it’ll not fall
apart from rain or a gust of wind bird
nests can easily withstand even a storm
let alone some rain they’re designed as
if all the birds are experienced
architects accustomed to working in
earthquake-prone regions this is because
birds have no room for air if the nest
turns out to be poorly fixed built in
the wrong place or simply too fragile
the chicks may die this means that the
most important goal in the life of every
wild animal will not be achieved i
wonder if birds know anything about
oops what are we going to tell the
others we’ll say steve built it in fact
once you know how durable bird nests can
be you start to wonder why people
haven’t used these technologies anywhere
else turns out they actually did at the
dawn of mankind our distant ancestors
used mudbrick light air-dried brick made
of clay and plants you see the
connection most often they use straw
because it can be found even in places
without forests in 9000 bc dwellings
made of such bricks were found in
jericho air-dried mud brick was the most
common building material in ancient
egypt during the time of the pharaohs it
has many advantages the mixture is not
flammable houses made of mud bricks stay
warm in winter and cool in summer and
they’re also very durable seriously such
buildings have preserved for millennia
whereas wooden ones well they can last
no more than a century and a half
meanwhile mud brick is still used today
it’s used for construction just like
ordinary brick and there are still
people living in many old mud brick
buildings there’s even a whole city in
yemen called shabam hadraman where all
the houses are built of such bricks and
about 500 of them are tower blocks they
rise only 5 to 11 stories high but they
were built in the 16th century or
earlier when humanity had no idea
something like this could be done but
just as i thought that ancient people
learned to build cities out of straw and
clay from birds i found something
strange the weavers also have their own
cities or something like dorms complex
nests where more than 100 bird couples
can live at the same time each couple
occupies its own chamber and the whole
building is very well designed so that
some chambers stay cool during the day
and stay warm at night there are
separate sleeping and breeding chambers
a ventilation system emergency exits
sharp sticks at the entrance to deter
predators in general everything you
might need remember that weavers rent
out their dwellings to other animals
they willingly allow other birds into
large nests usually in exchange for
information about new food sources if
you want to live here tell me where
these berries grow over there thanks
i wonder what kind of relationship the
bird neighbors can have i mean are they
getting along or are they more like
people someone stomps too loudly someone
took someone else’s grass without asking
or ate a worm from the common fridge and
you know it seems like we are similar to
birds in some respects if the birds are
getting along well with their neighbors
they live happily and even age more
slowly the opposite is also true if
there are conflicts all the time stress
works the same way for birds too however
if you choose the right community there
is a chance to live in peace and
tranquility for a very long time but
back to the nests do you remember that
one which is 2500 years old there are
real battles for it as if it were some
kind of castle in the middle ages your
falcons who are not scared of cold don’t
build nests they use the ones built by
other birds birds of prey only need to
take a comfortable spot once and that’s
it they’ll return there each year again
and again and again over time you won’t
see branches and other materials the
nest is covered with a solid layer of
dirt and bird droppings does this bother
the jeer falcon why would it the place
is convenient and the chicks hatch here
just fine moreover there isn’t much
choice so jeer falcons are ready to
fight for each nest like that especially
with strangers like peregrine falcons
you have to admit it’s difficult to
strike a deal with someone when you’re a
bird of prey that urgently needs a nest
now if there was some kind of market in
the animal kingdom where you could
exchange goods and services okay i
wouldn’t talk about it without a reason
here’s a fact parrots can trade both in
laboratories and in the wild many
animals have been seen feeding their
friends but the african grey parrots
went one step further and wrapped their
heads around the concept of money well
they tried scientists taught birds to
exchange metal rings for walnuts and
then paired them up with partners who
had no currency and the african gray
parrots began to transfer the rings to
their friends so that they could buy
treats too a little more and these guys
will start speculating on the stock
exchange though it’s not very clear how
such behavior can benefit birds in their
natural environment forests where
african grey parrots live are not famous
for their walnut markets which accept
metal rings as currency listen can you
lend me some money for 100 walnuts i’ll
give it back as soon as i get my salary
but you don’t work anywhere
see you later

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