Big Tʋtʋ for big men

Big Tʋtʋ for big men

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A Nigerian businesswoman has been shamelessly captured in a new viral video on TikTok advertising her Tʋtʋ for tall men only.

Indicating that she was doing the best service, she asked Nigerian Big Men who don’t want to be humiliated by so-called WhoCup girls to contact her.

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According to her, with her service, she will heal the spiritual Kongi for Great Men.

She also noted that with her service, she would free men from transferring demons.

As expected, netizens reacted:


“Sh0t happens when you fill the belly with fufu 😹
You start talking incoherently.


“it’s possible god damn these days ladies just want a quick buck and will do anything for it”


“She still has the price tag on the back of the phone 🤣”


“Bsc. Ash-wo Marketing”

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