Biden says Republicans taking environmental and health initiatives would poison children’s lungs |

Biden says Republicans taking environmental and health initiatives would poison children’s lungs |

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As House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s budget was put to a vote on Friday, the White House stepped up its criticism, saying it would “poison our children’s lungs” and pose a threat to environmental and health initiatives.

It was the most recent assault on a budget bill set to get a crucial vote in the House next week, amid a dispute over raising the country’s debt ceiling to $31 trillion. dollars and demands for budget cuts from House Republicans.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House communications secretary, said the House Budget Committee’s proposal amounted to “taking our economy hostage.”

She called it a “ransom note” because of the GOP’s intention to tie increases in the statutory debt ceiling to cuts in overall government spending.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, said the House GOP budget will “kill jobs, fill our cities with smog and give our children asthma.” She pointed out that last year’s anti-inflation bill will eliminate the green energy tax credit.

“The idea would eliminate the green energy tax credit provided by the bill to cut inflation and ‘send thousands of jobs back to China,'” she said. simple for oil companies to use hazardous substances that cause severe burns, eye damage, and physically melt bones, added Jean-Pierre.

She said it would significantly undermine the Clean Air Act, taking us back to a time when cities across the country were covered in heavy smog that contaminates our air and damages our children’s lungs.

Before Chairman Kevin McCarthy put it to a vote next week, the White House cut the House GOP budget.

His remarks came the same day Biden issued an executive order directing government agencies to include “environmental justice” in their operations.

“Imagine telling all the parents who live in polluted cities that you’re sorry, but you’re alone and you’re turning your back on them. That can’t happen,” Biden said.

The “Limit, Save, Grow Act,” the Republican budget proposed by the House of Representatives, would cut spending by $4.5 trillion while raising the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion. Spending growth would be limited to 1% per year, which is well below inflation.

Additionally, it would promote the leasing of oil and gas on federal lands while eliminating the IRA’s $740 billion climate change programs, such as subsidies for efficient equipment.

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