Best & Secret Abilities of Animals

Best & Secret Abilities of Animals during the Vietnam war officer Jeremiah
Denton was captured a few months later
he was forced to participate in a
televised interview while answering
questions Denton managed to send a
the secret message he did it using his eyes
it seems humans can do something like
that thanks to our high intelligence
turns out animals can also use their
body parts in unexpected ways
frogs swallow food with their eyes
I’m serious if you’ve seen a frog-eating
at least once you may have noticed it
closes its eyes when swallowing well why
not maybe the food is very good turned
out that taste has nothing to do with it
during swallowing the frog’s eyes
actually, retract down toward the
esophagus imagine this would happen to
people, it’d be like in a horror movie
but frogs just have to use eyes for this
unlikely purpose apparently the eyes
retracted into the head help push the
prey down into the esophagus and if the
frog loses this weird ability it’ll have
to take 74 percent more swallows to
handle a common cricket that certainly
sounds weird frogs are probably a little
insecure since they can’t swallow food
like all other animals well you know
this is not a trick that would make you
popular at parties also most frogs don’t
have teeth and in some of them who do
you can only find them on the upper jaw
and they are totally useless seems like
when evolution was giving out teeth the
frogs were distracted and took what was
left or maybe they got them from someone
else to get to the bottom of things you
need to look at the development of teeth
in different species turns out they all
evolved from fish scales yes i also
imagined how scales got into the mouth
of some ancient fish and it’s like hmm
it’s much better this way but the actual
story was a little different some fish
have skeletons made entirely of
cartilage they also have small spiny
scales embedded in the skin called
dermal denticles these bear a striking
resemblance to teeth and not only from
the outside they have the same cellular
composition the same cells play a key
role in the development of teeth and
mammals do you feel the connection over
time the scales of ancient fish evolved
into the teeth we now have evolution
you’re weird now here’s a fact for you
the skin of some sharks is covered with
dermal tentacles that is with the teeth
let me give you a second to imagine this
shot from a horror movie apparently
frogs also had teeth but they
disappeared about 200 million years ago
perhaps frog’s diet has changed or maybe
it’s all about the tongue they use to
catch their prey it turned out to be so
convenient that evolution decided frogs
don’t need teeth anymore but this is
objectively not the best option not only
because an animal without teeth becomes
more vulnerable to predators and cannot
defend itself in the traditional way
there’s also an issue with digestion
food that has not been chewed can emerge
out of the body of a predator alive on
the other side in one of my videos i’ve
already mentioned the bombardier beetles
which crawl out alive after passing
through the frog’s gut the bromine blind
snake a small snake that looks more like
a large worm can do the same thing
scientists were very surprised when they
accidentally discovered this they just
needed a rock to prop open the lab door
and beneath the rock there was a toad
with a snake wriggling out of the toad’s
rear okay technically it doesn’t really
count as using a body part for a
different purpose after all you need it
in order to remove various substances
from the body the fact that these
substances are alive and move by
themselves is a minor detail so let’s
better take a look at the turtles many
animals have special tricks that allow
them to survive during the frost usually
the main issue is cold but if you live
in a pond you also have to deal with
lack of oxygen painted turtles breathe
with their lungs however during frost
they simply cannot get to the surface
and take a breath because of ice they
lower their body temperature and slow
their metabolism by 95 to survive the
cold it’s kind of like hibernation in
bears but the turtles start breathing
through their butts this process is
called clonical respiration and oxygen
is absorbed through the skin at the same
spot i’m suffocating i’m suffocating
steve get off the stone
that’s better in fact skin breathing is
very rare in reptiles they can usually
only breathe through the mouth since
it’s impossible to inhale through the
scales they’re too hard and don’t let in
enough oxygen amphibians and fish are
much luckier actually even people can
breathe through their skin though for us
cutaneous respiration accounts for only
one to two percent of oxygen uptake you
can’t use it as a main source of oxygen
meanwhile cutaneous respiration in
hellbenders accounts for more than 90 of
their breathing that is their skin
absorbs oxygen and removes carbon
dioxide imagine how cool it would be if
humans could do that too especially when
you have a stuffy nose but let’s be
honest there are many downsides to this
type of breathing we would not only have
to constantly keep our skin moist or
even smear ourselves with special mucus
the air we absorb would be dirty right
now there are many microorganisms
various microbes dust and other
unpleasant stuff floating around us and
you definitely not want it to end up in
your body but as long as we breathe with
our lungs we can filter the air
evolution has given us four stages of
purification small hairs in the nose
mucous membrane epithelium in the
bronchi and trachea and finally
pulmonary surfactant this is the
substance that covers our lungs from the
inside each filter the air passes
through cleans it increasingly well
large particles are stopped at the very
beginning small ones at the very end as
a result we inhale relatively clean and
safe air you can hardly achieve
something like this if you breathe with
your skin however it’s possible to not
only breathe but also drink through the
skin neat thorny devil a lizard that
lives in the australian deserts it’s
small charming and terribly thorny and
it also has some issues with drinking
not only because it’s really hard to get
water in the desert if you put a bowl of
water in front of the thorny devil it’ll
probably never use it for an intended
purpose just because it can’t i have no
idea how this happened but the mouth of
the thorny devil is good only for eating
do you know these dogs that attack the
water well that’s what it would look
like maybe evolution got too carried
away creating all these thorns and
forgot to give the animal the ability to
drink whatever the reason may be the
thorny devil found a way out and began
to drink through its feet once on wet
sand or in a puddle the lizard absorbs
the liquid like a sponge the same thing
happens in the morning hours when dew
forms the skin of the thorny devil is
covered in microscopic grooves that
create a network of drinking straws they
can take up water from any part of the
body through capillary action whereby
water is drawn along a channel even
against the pull of gravity and then it
travels right into the mouth and then i
thought if these lizards are so good at
absorbing water maybe some natives use
them as flasks well you know like an
australian water holding frog which
stores water in itself but it looks like
this trick won’t work with a thorny
devil it’s too thorny however people
have found alternative ways to get water
with the help of animals about 70 of the
australian continent is covered by
deserts or semi-arid land aboriginal
people needed to know where to find
water just to survive but they didn’t
just dig wells they also used terrain
birds vegetation and animals as markers
for water for example they followed
dingoes or birds to lakes while ants led
them to groundwater what a nice idea the
important thing is that animals do not
realize what’s going on and don’t lead
us to a wrong place this is not an
unlikely scenario for example baboons
know exactly where the water sources are
but they’re not going to share this
information so people in africa came up
with a trick they feed the baboons with
something salty then wait until they get
thirsty and then all you have to do is
follow the animal to the reservoir here
you go you’ve done great and you’re no
longer thirsty although i would not be
surprised if even in this situation
baboons learn to deceive people they are
natural born liars scientists even
believe humans inherited the ability to
lie from primates you know a kind of
hereditary skill like with harry potter
and flying on a broomstick chimps who
find something tasty sometimes pretend
that they didn’t notice the food not to
alert their relatives and not to lose
their share is that smart of course
especially for the animal but chimps
don’t stop there sometimes a rival chimp
walks past a pretender then hides behind
a tree and looks out to check if the
pretender has food go on i’ll catch up
with you i just need to tie my shoe sure
wait a minute you don’t wear shoes
primates need lying to survive yes in
terms of human morality this doesn’t
exactly look nice but when you have to
choose between starvation and deception
well every animal strives to survive
however don’t think chimps don’t care
about liars if one of them is caught
cheating he won’t avoid punishment in
general it’s just like in a human world
see you later

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