Ben Affleck surprises fans with his perfect Spanish while promoting the tune! – Married biography

Ben Affleck is fluent in Spanish while promoting his new movie. source: page 6

  • Ben Affleck wowed fans with his fluent Spanish accent while promoting Air.
  • The actor is famous for his annoying faces which are widely used as memes.
  • Fan appreciation for the actor came just a day after he slammed his wife Jennifer Lopez for launching his own liquor brand.

Ben Affleck speaks impeccable Spanish

Ben Affleck is going viral again.

The actor recently spoke excellent Spanish while promoting his new film Airwhich is based on the groundbreaking partnership between NBA legend Michael Jordan and footwear brand Nike.

During his recent interview with Spanish radio station Cadena SER, the 50-year-old actor said:

“What is important to understand is that this is not the story of Michael Jordan; he doesn’t even appear in the movie,”

The Oscar-winning actor also explained that Jordan, who is one of the best players in all draws, is “So big, so important, so magnificent that there isn’t an actor in the world who could be cast to play the one the audience would believe.”

The actor plays a wealthy businessman in the film. source: page 6

THE Goodwill hunting added actor,

“They would immediately think, ‘It’s all bulls–t. This movie is bulls. I don’t believe any of that.”

“And they would completely destroy it.”

THE missing girl The star also admitted that his respect for the 60-year-old native is so great that he would have started the film without his blessing.

Affleck, who is a director and plays multi-millionaire businessman Phil Knight, said:

“I had the opportunity to speak with him for about an hour, and I asked him, ‘What are the most important parts of this story for you?'”

He then paused to try and think of some Spaniards for the character and continued,

“And he said to me:


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Fans praised Ben’s fluent Spanish accent

Ben also revealed that the NBA legend shared a few words and even made sure that Viola Davis represented his mother, Deloris Jordan.

THE deep waters added star,

“He said to me, ‘You must have Viola Davis as a mother'”

Fans quickly rushed to talk about Ben’s fluent Spanish on their social media.

A fan wrote,

“I had no idea Ben Affleck spoke *that* fluent Spanish???,”

Another wrote,

Jennifer also speaks the language fluently. source: page 6

“Anyone else blown away by Ben Affleck who speaks fluent Spanish?!”

A third wrote,

“Idgaf about Ben Affleck, but his fluency in Spanish is so sexy to me. Ben is now Benito!”

Ben’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, is fluent in the language due to her Puerto Rican genes.

In 2020, Ben appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s show where he revealed he started learning Spanish when he was 13. It started when he lived in Mexico for a year while filming a TV show.

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