Another woman accuses Sarkodie of getting pregnant

Another woman accuses Sarkodie of getting pregnant

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An update to the ongoing conversation around Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson is that another woman has surfaced to accuse the Tema-based rapper of getting her pregnant.

According to the woman, @mrs__adelz on Instagram, she wished she had stayed away from the influence and so on until Sarkodie dropped her shameful song.

“I wouldn’t have said anything if you had kept quiet Mr self-proclaimed best rapper. I generally mind my own business but I generally despise people who refuse to take responsibility and
account for their actions. »

The alleged woman who shared the gist on social media accused Sarkodie of meeting her after they met at Rockstone’s office, now the Django bar.

“Do you remember back in 2016 when you sent one of your boys to pick up the details of a chocolate-looking woman whose name starts with an F and ends with an A at the Rockstone office now called Django bar?”

Finally, she revealed that she got pregnant with Sarkodie and although she tried to get in touch with him, rapper Tema blocked her on social media.

She further revealed that she then aborted the baby to avoid future dramas.

“You got in touch with her and had unprotected sex with her which resulted in a pregnancy. You blocked her on all social media platforms, all efforts to contact you were unsuccessful and she didn’t want the drama of contacting bloggers to tarnish your image, she got rid of the baby and moved on but the truth is she’s still carrying the guilt even though she’s married now with kids,” noted mrs__adelz.

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“Or do you not remember because the victims are numerous? but you can forget the location though.
I pray that you will mature enough to take responsibility for your actions in the future. Some of us know who you are. You can’t fool the world world. #MATURITY #THETRUTHSHALLSETYOUFREE @yvonnenelsongh 6nkonkonsa @zionfelixdotcom…you’re just lucky I’m not looking for influence, I would have recorded a video instead and I’m sure you’ll remember my face. Irresponsible boy,” she finally noted.

Check out a screenshot below;


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