Android 14 calendar: when will it start?

Android 14 calendar: when will it start?

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Ryan Haines/Android Authority


  • Google has released its planned release schedule for Android 14.
  • The planned timeline is similar to what Google had for Android 13.
  • The stable launch is expected to take place in August.

It’s been six months since Google released Android 13, and now the company is gearing up to move forward with the next iteration of the operating system – Android 14. Google unveiled its Android 14 timeline, and it looks a lot like it. , the tech giant had Android 13.

Today, Google released the first developer preview build of Android 14. Judging from the organization’s Android 14 release date chart, it looks like there will be at least another preview for developers. After these previews, a few betas will follow before the final release. As you can see, Google expects to achieve platform stability in June.

Since Android 14’s release schedule is so similar to Android 13’s, it’s safe to assume that Google will take a similar approach. Last year, Google had two developer previews and eight betas for Android 13 before releasing the official update. If Google does something similar this year, chances are we’ll see an Android 14 release in August. However, there is no guarantee that there will be no delay.

When it comes to phones running Android 14, you can expect not all versions of the Pixel to hit their core OS update limit yet, which is every Pixel after and including the Pixel 4a 5G. The same goes for Samsung’s latest phones. If you’re unsure if your Samsung phone is still eligible, check out our list, which includes all Samsung devices that will receive four major operating system updates.

The Android 14 release date for the Pixel will likely be ahead of the rest, as always. However, predicting the Android 14 release date for Samsung is a little trickier to pin down. One UI 5 was the fastest version of the operating system released by Samsung, and the company said it wanted the next update to be even faster.



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