Aleida Núñez and the exercises she does to keep her buttocks firm

Aleida Núñez and the exercises she does to keep her buttocks firm | instagram

The charming figure of the beautiful Aleida Núñez, which she managed to maintain in perfect condition at the age of 42, has raised the temperature on social networks on several occasions, since her muscular belly and her prominent charms have been at the center of the ‘attention. looks

Now the singer She loves physical activity, that’s why her figure is in perfect condition, on several occasions she shared with them through various internet platforms some of the exercises she performs to always look perfect.

Aleida Nunez focuses on working the legs, abdomen and arms at the same time because weight is important if you want to bulk up your back charms so on a flat surface get another one higher and with a dumbbell, take it with outstretched arms going up and then down.

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The next exercise he shines is the squat, but when holding a bar there are three different times, holding it up, then at chest height and finally bringing it down completely once he bends knees.

To exercise your arms, spread your feet at shoulder height and bend your body slightly, take each end of a rope, to proceed to shake it and this helps you to tone them.

Aleida Núñez and the exercises she does to keep her buttocks firm

Finally, the video Aleida Nunez The training ends with push-ups, but not only, since once her arms are raised, she joins entirely to work the different parts of the body.

BY CLICKING HERE, you can see his formation.

Now the Instagram influencer has repeatedly commented that exercise must be accompanied by a balanced diet, fear of food is not good, since the body needs it to function properly.


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