Alan Dershowitz thinks Fox needs more ‘diversity’ after Tucker firing

Alan Dershowitz thinks Fox needs more ‘diversity’ after Tucker firing

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On Newsmax, the disgraced Alan Dershowitz blamed the firing of Tucker Carlson on Chuck Schumer, complaining that the country needs more “diverse thinking” like Tucker Carlson’s hateful white power nationalism.

“What worries me the most is that Chuck Schumer, one of the most powerful men in America, the majority leader of the US Senate, pressured Fox to do what he did. ‘he did,” Dershowitz said. “And, you know, Fox under the First Amendment has the right to do whatever he wants.”

Dershowitz has spoken out against government influence on media companies, but he never flinched when Trump tried to fire everyone and anyone in the media for criticizing him or his policies, while hoping to undo journalistic protections so that he can sue news outlets.

Fox News would never respond to Chuck Schumer, anyway.

“And I think we’re poorer today with less diversity,” Dershowitz said, not ironically.

Dershowitz calls for normalizing anti-Semitism, racism, Christian nationalism, xenophobia, trans hatred and more.

“I wasn’t a big Tucker Carlson fan. I’m not a big Don Lemon fan. That’s not the point,” he said.

Since Newsmax seems to be one of the only networks to have him on their airwaves, Alan made sure to give them a shout out.

“The fact is that every TV channel should imitate Newsmax. Newsmax has me. I disagree with Mr. Gorka on many things. But our viewers have a diversity of views on Newsmax. I would like that more channels emulate Newsmax and do that,” he said.

This is ridiculous since Newsmax almost only features people who support or defend Trump, Republicans, and far-right Christian nationalism.

“You know, everyone loves diversity. Everyone talks about diversity when it comes to race. But when it comes to opinions, the last thing most people want is to hear opinions different from theirs,” he said.

Dershowitz argues that the United States would thrive by hearing more from Holocaust deniers.

What a jester.

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