After deadly attack in East Jerusalem, two wounded in new shooting

After deadly attack in East Jerusalem, two wounded in new shooting

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Two people were wounded in a new shooting near Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday, January 28, less than twenty-four hours after a deadly attack near a synagogue in East Jerusalem, according to Israeli relief. The attack took place in Silwan, a Palestinian neighborhood on the edge of the Old City.

“A 23-year-old man (is) in serious condition and a 47-year-old man in moderate to serious condition with a bullet wound to his upper body”said a spokesman for Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s equivalent of the Red Cross. Police said the suspect had gone “neutralize” without specifying whether he was injured or dead.

Israeli police said on Saturday that 42 people had been arrested for questioning after Friday night’s shooting that killed seven people. from them, ” Some are part of terrorist’s family”. others live in their neighborhood in East Jerusalem. In a separate statement, police announced that Israeli forces were placed in a state “highest alert”,

On Friday evening, a 21-year-old Palestinian man opened fire near a synagogue in East Jerusalem during Shabbat prayers, before being shot dead after a chase.

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“One of the worst attacks” since 2008

The shooting took place in Neve Ya’akov, a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, part of the Holy City that Israel has annexed. Police Chief Kobi Shabtai talked about “One of the worst attacks” suffered by Israel in recent years. According to Israel’s Foreign Ministry, the shooting is the deadliest for Israelis since 2008, when eight people were killed in an attack on a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised after Friday night’s attack “Immediate Measures”without further details, and called on Israelis not to take justice into their own hands but to rely on the army and police.

The shooting comes a day after an Israeli army raid on Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank claimed the lives of nine Palestinians. Hazem Qasim, Hamas spokesman in the Gaza Strip, said Friday’s attack was “A Revenge and a Natural Reaction” The killing of nine Palestinians in Jenin on Thursday.

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