Advait threatens Ekam »

Advait threatens Ekam »

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Hello, all Udaariyaan enthusiasts, we are finally back with exclusive updates of your favorite and highly anticipated TV drama “Udaariyaan”, which brings high-tension drama with over-the-top activities. The Friday March 31, 2023 episode is going to feature new conspiracies and exploits as Advait does not take the name of getting arrested when creating the obstacles for Ekam and Nehmat both because he decided to ruin their lives for that, therefore They could not remain happy and hence he carries out his plots against her.

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On the other hand, Ekam’s family is getting ready for the procession as they are going to leave home to bring Nehmat to their house as a bride, and thus, Ekam’s happiness makes headlines so much that his dream is going to come true because he wanted to marry his childhood sweetheart and finally the moment happened when he is going to tie with Nehmat which is a matter of great happiness even both families are happy to see their child happy . As Nehmat’s family says, now their daughter will leave their home forever and they won’t meet every day.

Udaariyaan March 31, 2023 Written Updates

At the same time Ekam receives a text from Advait which makes him worried writing that everywhere and when he goes he will chase him while creating problems for Nehmat and him too. As soon as Ekam reads the message, he calls an officer and asks him to show him, Advait, he sees him sitting inside the jail but Advait doesn’t lose the chance and so threatens Ekam mentioning that he will definitely get Nehmat back because he is a dark spirit who proves heavier for everyone, no matter who stands in front of them.

Ekam warms up Advait to keep an arm’s distance from Nehmat or else he’ll kill him for sure no matter what. Because he doesn’t want him to approach Nehmat especially when she is having her golden moments so if he ever tried to approach her while ruining her happiness then the consequences of the activities will be more worse than he ever thinks so before you do anything think about it a thousand times because he is watching him and also left many officers on him. So watch it on Colors TV and stay tuned with us for more and follow Social Telecast.

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