Aaron Carter’s friends say he feared people would come after him before he died – in what they suspect was a murder

Aaron Carter’s friends say he was paranoid that people were ‘after him’ before he died – in what they suspect was a murder.

Aaron Carter’s friends say he was paranoid people were ‘after him’ before he died – in what they suspect was a murder

The “I Want Candy” singer was found dead at his California home in November 2022 at the age of 34, surrounded by cans of compressed air and bottles of prescription pills, and the official cause of death has not been announced. not yet announced. hasn’t been released yet pending a toxicology report, but his pals insisted it was “suspicious.”

Aaron’s mother, Jane Schneck, has released gruesome new photos from the scene where her son’s body was found, and friends Morgan Matthews and Bryan Cassidy told Page Six on Monday (03/6/23) that they believed his death should be investigated as a ‘potential homicide’.

Bryan said: “He would always be paranoid about people being after him or someone being after him.

“(How Aaron’s body was found) also gave me suspicion because I was like, ‘Wait a minute, was he paranoid or not? I don’t want to point fingers, but it doesn’t add up.

Morgan, who worked as Aaron’s manager, added that the troubled star was “with the wrong people” and often spoke about his fears as they worked on the music.

He added: “(Aaron) said, ‘There are people after me, I need help, I have to get out of this town.

“He was trying to leave. His house had been for sale for a long time.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has ruled out drowning as they found no water in the former child star’s lungs.

His mother wrote in a Facebook post on March 1 that she was “still trying to get a proper investigation” into her son’s death and said the coroner ruled it an “accidental overdose” and “n never investigated it as a possible crime”. scene” due to the singer’s previous struggles with addiction.

Aaron’s on-and-off fiancée Melanie Martin told TMZ in January that text messages between the singer and an “unidentified person” were presented as evidence in what appeared to be a drug deal days before Aaron’s death. Aaron. Aaron.

They show a suspected drug dealer trying to collect $800 from Aaron for an unknown substance and the family fears he met the dealer at the supplier’s and took a substance that could have killed him.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said, “Homicide detectives are continuing their investigation into the death of Aaron Carter.

“To date, no evidence of foul play has been found during the investigation. The results of Mr. Carter’s autopsy are still pending. The case is still ongoing.”

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