Aaron Baddeley’s wife: Who is Richelle Baddeley?  Timeline of relationships and children

Aaron Baddeley’s wife: Who is Richelle Baddeley? Timeline of relationships and children

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All in all, Richelle Baddeley is a loving wife and devoted mother who keeps a low profile and focuses on supporting her family.

Aaron Baddeley and Richelle Baddeley Dating Timeline

Aaron Baddeley and Richelle Baddeley have been dating since 2003 when they first met.

They dated for over two years before getting married on April 15, 2005. Their wedding took place at the historic Chapel of the Roses in Christiana, Barbados, with family and friends in attendance.

After their marriage, Aaron and Richelle continued to support each other throughout their respective careers.

Richelle quit her job as a daycare director to focus on Aaron’s golf career. The couple welcomed their first child in 2008.

Aaron Baddeley wife
Aaron and Richelle have been dating since 2013 (Source: Twitter)

They celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary in 2022, with Aaron posting a heartfelt message on his Instagram.

Despite the demands of Aaron’s professional golf career, the couple managed to prioritize their relationship and form a strong bond with each other.

Their dating schedule is a result of their undying love and commitment to each other.

Does Aaron Baddeley have children with his wife Richelle Baddeley?

Aaron Baddeley is a professional golfer who has a large family with six children.

He and his wife Richelle named their children, Jewell, Jolee, Jeremiah, Josiah, Jaddex and Jedidiah.

Baddeley spoke about how important his family is to him and the benefits of being a father.

As a professional athlete, he has to spend a lot of time away from family and loved ones, but Baddeley has credited his wife Richelle with being a constant support system for him.

Aaron Baddeley wife
Aaron Baddeley takes his family ice skating (Source: Instagram)

She helped him find a balance in his personal and professional life.

He explained that he wanted to be a positive role model for them and teach them the importance of hard work, dedication and faith.

With six children to raise, Baddeley’s life is undoubtedly busy, but he seems to be growing as both a father and a golfer, and his children are undoubtedly a big part of his happiness and success.

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