A US general has warned of the danger of war with China in 2025

A US general has warned of the danger of war with China in 2025

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Chinese army personnel reached Russia for exercise. Handout / Russian Defense Ministry / AFP

General Michael Minhan believes 2024 Taiwan elections will give Chinese leader a chance “Raison” To act before an America “distracted” by its presidential election.

A US general has warned of a high risk of war with China in 2025 – most likely over Taiwan – as he urged his officials to prepare for war as early as this year. “I hope I’m wrong. My instinct tells me we’ll fight in 2025”Michael Minihan, Air Force general, writes in an internal note, the authenticity of which was confirmed to AFP by the Pentagon on Friday, January 27.

President Xi Jinping “A team for 2025 is both a goal and an opportunity”Soldier believes 2024 Taiwanese elections will give assurance to Chinese leader “Raison” To act. race for the White House, scheduled for the same year, will offer a “Distracted America” For China, he still judges. The note asks his soldiers to train in battle by standing to fire at targets, among other things. General invites “Aim for the Head”,

In August, China conducted major military exercises around Taiwan, an unprecedented show of force, in retaliation for a visit to the island by Nancy Pelosi, the then-Speaker of the US House of Representatives. China believes the island, with a population of 24 million, is one of its provinces that has yet to be successfully reunited with the rest of its territory since the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949. between Taiwanese officials and the United States, which has provided the island with military support for decades, against Beijing.

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