A letter to the future by Jeuxvideo.com

A letter to the future by Jeuxvideo.com

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Filled with shimmering panoramas and beautiful poetry, Seasons is just the game you need to warm your heart in this cold winter.

Bursting like a breath of freshness at the end of this rather quiet month, Seasons: A Letter to the Future is one of the first notable narrative propositions of the year; Scavenger Studio’s second test that we no longer have after the failed attempts made for the Battle Royale Darwin project. A little out-of-time feel, Quebec Sport stands above all for its poetic expression of “the concerns of our times,” and it’s in all its beauty.

Seasons: This Unexpected Off-The-Beaten-Track PS5 Game Will Really Amaze You!

Perched on a mountain sheltered from change, young hero Estelle embarks on a grand journey to capture the essence of the world before a cataclysm destroys everything in its path. The seasons here have nothing like ours, but they correspond to a unique era, which is about to be submerged under the waters of a great flood. Safeguarded by an amulet concocted by his loving mother, the traveler mounts a bicycle to explore an era in decline. Adaptive trigger in hand, the wheels let you feel their resistance depending on the speed and incline of the road. Driving is enjoyable and much better, as the vehicle will never leave us during our descent into the mysterious land of Tieng Valley., Seasons: A Letter to the Future can best be summed up as a timeless atmospheric road trip whose beautiful panoramas provide a somewhat mystical atmosphere. Only one point that could be improved: a camera that we would like to adapt more to occasional changes of plans and less close to the ground during the ride.

Seasons: This Unexpected Off-The-Beaten-Track PS5 Game Will Really Amaze You!

It’s dead quiet over the Seasons dunes, and for good reason: the last residents have evacuated to reach the shelter that will welcome the new age. Meetings, though rare, are then a real oasis in the desert. The character designs of the characters are absolutely delightful and only matched by their dubbing in VF, so hot they are sweet to our ears, Note in this regard that the game’s sound work is enjoyable on all levels. From Kochi, a child with unusual looks, who will offer you a pleasant guided bike tour to Mytora, a foreign artist, contemptuous of his own works, passing by the last hermit easel of the valley, without encountering any All of the exceptions are formidable and high in colour. There are also auditory memories of former passers-by trapped in magical plants, which you can listen to out of curiosity using your tape recorder, one of the tools in your little bag.

no season now my little lady

Seasons: This Unexpected Off-The-Beaten-Track PS5 Game Will Really Amaze You!

If your tape recorder helps you record some of the tunes you find along the way, it’s up to your camera that you have on your hands most of the time. Capturing key elements of the landscape lets you discover traceable trivia about an apparently fantastical world Which you want to understand deeply. Your photos are then ready to be organized into your own pretty little scrapbook, incorporating flourishes to complement your sense of aesthetics on the sheets. When a page is completed, Estelle speaks again to tell you the story of the valley. So it is by discovering the awakening of the inhabitants who have left, the little bit that everyone has gone to Rapture, that you are offered to investigate and discover the past and future of this place. A diagram that doesn’t really offer any development in gameplay, but doesn’t really have time to let off steam as the map is quickly traversed.

The Season is a moment of absolute stillness, which in less than six hours sets you up for a long introspection. The story continues to address the importance of memories, the dilemmas they impose, the regrets that are so difficult to free oneself from and all these timeless evils., Noise, music, architecture, the voices of strangers resonate with our five senses, witnessing the present moment. the game is To interpret as one giant poem, it doesn’t hesitate to use some black screens to encourage you to listen deeply to it.


strong points

  • really compelling atmospheric game
  • A gallery of adorable characters
  • Super Warm VF Dubbing
  • a very pleasant bike ride
  • a lovely poem
  • good idea for scrapbooking to create a story

weak point

  • No real development in terms of mechanics
  • A camera we’d like to make more efficient sometimes

A purely atmospheric experience, Seasons: A Letter to the Future is a little candy, a poem about the passing years and their memories, that strangely, takes you completely out of time. A road trip by bike made up of absolutely engaging encounters that enjoy excellent sound work. A must-do for lovers of short narrative experiences in which you can easily transport yourself.


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