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A friend like Zaki – Cutacut.com

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CARACHI: With episode 20 on the air, Mother Ban Jao may be an underrated drama right now, but it has some very important lessons to teach us. From portraying a narcissistic and manipulative man like Fardeen (Azfar Rehman) to handling the highly sensitive but taboo subject of revenge pornthe storyline is gripping to say the least.

But what stands out as a silver lining among all the abuse Azmiya (Kinza Hashmi) has to endure is her budding friendship with Zaki (Zahid Ahmed). The bond transcends social status and class and although Zaki may have feelings for Azmiya, he never pushes for anything more than a platonic friendship.

Episode 20 of Mother Ban Jao was hard to watch, especially when Azmiya is about to kill herself. But Zaki senses something is wrong and teaches us what can be done in case we detect that a friend might be in danger.

  • Check them regularly
  • If you feel the friend might self-harm, stay on the phone with them if you can’t physically be with them right now.
  • While talking to them, try to buy as much time as possible while you or someone else reaches the friend
  • Remind them of the strength they carry within them and all the light they have brought into the lives of the people around them.
  • Remind them that it is the abuser who deserves to be punished, not them.

However, revenge pornography, blackmail or abuse in any form can have serious consequences on an individual’s mental health. Although the support of friends and family can play an important role, it is best to receive professional help. In case of emergency, you can reach Umang24/7 helpline: 0311-7786264

If you or someone you know is a victim of cyberbullying, you can file a complaint with:
Digital Rights Foundation
Cyberbullying Helpline: 0800-39393
Federal Investigation Agency
Online form: complaint.fia.gov.pk/
24/7 hotline: 111-345-786