7 Dave Bautista Performances That Prove He Has Dramatic Talent

7 Dave Bautista Performances That Prove He Has Dramatic Talent

From headlining episodes of WWE Smackdown to collaborating with a number of acclaimed Hollywood filmmakers. David Bautista took a different path than many of his fellow wrestler-actors. He has always been a person driven by pure passion more than anything, and it is this trait that has made him one of WWE’s biggest stars. When he moved to acting, he discovered a similar passion for acting. Bautista decided early on that he didn’t want to be the next rock. He wanted to be a respected actor above all else.

This reputation lasted a long time, starting with supporting roles in films like The man with the iron fist to his groundbreaking role as Drax the Destroyer in Protector of the Galaxy. He has since worked with some of the most renowned filmmakers in the industry, including Rian Johnson, Zack Snyder and Denis Villeneuve. And as he prepares to say goodbye to Drax Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3audiences take notice and are excited to see what the actor has to offer the world next.

At this point, his growth as an actor can be seen in his recent performances. Here are 7 Dave Bautista performances that prove he has dramatic talents.


7 Blade Runner 2049

Although his role in Protector of the Galaxy brought him to mainstream attention, Bautista was still considered little more than an affable hunk. This perception began to change in 2017 when he appeared in a supporting role in Denis Villeneuve’s film Blade Runner 2049 and its prequel briefly 2048: Nowhere to Run. Overall, his screen time was only around 10 minutes across both titles, during which he appeared hidden as an aging replicant.

Her performance in the film was a revelation to audiences – while the performance contained some action bits, the role was very nuanced. This was in stark contrast to Bautista’s previous roles and in particular to the general perception of his acting range. His role in the film was essentially that of a traumatized veteran in search of peace. Bautista executed the nuance with clarity, seemed emotionally hurt, and even conveyed a sense of shame about his past, throughout his mannerisms and delivery.

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6 Army of the Dead


army of the dead was the kind of movie that was perfect for someone of Bautista’s background and aspirations. A seemingly unremarkable zombie action flick, the film was coupled with a strong emotional narrative. Bautista was offered the lead role in the film as hardened mercenary Scott Ward – an offer he was initially reluctant to turn down. But after reviewing the script, he discovered that it had many layers. The film also gave him the opportunity to work with acclaimed filmmaker Zack Snyder and earned him well-deserved critical praise.

5 room 104


Bautista appeared in an episode of the anthology series, Room 104 as the main character. The series has an experimental style and each episode touches on different genres including horror, thriller, and comedy. In the Season 4 episode titled “Avalanche”, Bautista took on the role of a former professional wrestler who attempts to retrieve repressed memories from his traumatic childhood during a therapy session. Like many other stories in the series, the episode is something of a puzzle, and Bautista’s character finds himself at the center of a fractured sense of reality where nothing is as it seems.

4 dunes

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Bautista had the opportunity to collaborate with Villeneuve again in the highly anticipated fantasy epic. dunes. The film was a valuable stepping stone for Bautista as he found himself in an entirely different plane of cinema surrounded by some of Hollywood’s incredible acting talents. Working on the film also meant that his name was associated with a film that won six Oscars. He played the role of Count Glossu Rabban, a key antagonist known for his cruel and erratic nature.

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3 glass onions: a mystery at loggerheads


Hollywood’s recognition of Bautista’s dramatic ability has been gradual and incremental – it’s possible to describe his roles, which only grow with time. glass onion makes sense in this imaginative diagram. It was a Hollywood grade A title, a classic mystery thriller that treated most characters equally.

Bautista managed to play a role that fit perfectly into his bulky, tattooed frame against the film’s twisted bourgeois setting. He played the role of Duke Cody, an influencer who built his base on men’s rights activism and portrayed a hyper-masculine personality. Working on the film gave him a powerful ally – director Rian Johnson was hugely impressed with his acting skills and sprang from his untapped potential to become a truly respected actor.

2 Master Z: Ip-Man’s Legacy

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As an entry into the famous IP man movie series, Master Z: The Legacy of Ip Man retains some stylistic conventions of its predecessors. Bautista signed on for the film to play a starring role: the hulking Western main antagonist who relies on a brutal fighting style to defeat his foes. At first glance, this might seem like a turnaround on Bautista’s side, as it looks like a one-dimensional antagonist role just trying to capitalize on his WWE experience. However, he made a serious effort to bring depth to his performance and it clearly shows in the film.

1 Knock at the cottage

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Even before its release Knock at the cottage was teased as the biggest and most colorful feather in Bautista’s hat as a dramatic actor. Directed by another famous writer, M. Night Shyamalan, the film has a unique proposition: a family vacationing in a cabin is kidnapped and imprisoned by a group of strangers who make an unimaginable request – the family must voluntarily sacrifice one of yours to prevent a divine apocalypse. Bautista plays the leader of the kidnappers in the film, but his role is far from a regular antagonist.

There is justified excitement among viewers over Bautista’s performance in the film. It helps that Shyamalan himself thinks the performance is one of the best of the year. Meanwhile, he told GQ that the film had the most dialogue he had ever received in a role, with pages of monologues.


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