14-year-old girl dies after spreading deodorant in the room!  – tuxboard

14-year-old girl dies after spreading deodorant in the room! – tuxboard

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14-year-old girl dies after spreading deodorant in the room!

This is a story that is hard to believe but true. In England, a 14-year-old girl died after spreading deodorant.

The story made rounds of England. few days back, Georgia died in hospital After deodorizing her room…

Ilhana’s death triggers a wave of emotions

Ilhana would die in her hospital bed on Wednesday, December 21. 6 year old girl He died in Montauban after spending several days in the clinic.

health status of 6-year-old girl’s health suddenly deterioratedAfter being taken by firefighters to a position deemed “serious”, A victim of bacterial angina, his condition had worsened.

That’s why the medical profession had decided take him to another hospital in the area, According to Guy Dubuisson, the lawyer for Elhana’s parents, “Repeated malabsorption for three days undoubtedly led to the death of this 6-year-old child in horrific circumstances.”

He told the press that “For three days she moaned in pain, and some did not pay attention to her at all”, a caregiver will then have ordered to stop ” movie theater “She cried a lot.

“It was later proved that this type of illness is extremely painful. There have been permanent disabilities, and a form of alienation from some caregivers,” the family’s lawyer said. Parents of the girl child who died on January 5 So decided to complain.

Hospital for 3 days only for caregivers given dolipran to reduce pain, But it had no effect and the little girl was still unwell.

“Losing your child under these circumstances is indescribable! This national case should alert the caregivers so that this does not happen again.The family had announced in the press.

Girl dies after spraying deodorant in bedroom

a 14 year old girl Died in Derby, England. The girl just sprayed deodorant in her bedroom.

His parents told the British media that other youths had also been victims of the same accident. The British Aerosol Manufacturers Association (BAMA) responded to this the warnings were clear on bottles sold by a particular brand.

according to the law, These should be printed with the mention “Keep out of reach of children”. When asked by the BBC about this mention, little Giorgia’s parents admitted that they had not seen it, as the writing was too young.

“People don’t know how dangerous the contents of these boxes can be”, said the girl’s father. And to add: “I would not want anyone else in the country. Where in the world Live what we have personally experienced. […] We don’t want our daughter’s death to go in vain.”He linked to the BBC.

little girl with autism loved Spray deodorant on its cover. Her family said that they are comforted by the scent.

The little girl will die on 11 May 2022. amount evaporated in the air “General”, according to his brother. He was the one who found her unconscious.

so giorgia died after breathing too much Aerosol. From now on, her parents seek prevention to prevent another person from suffering their daughter’s tragic fate. they will also need to apply “use of solvents can kill instantly”, On commercial deodorant bombs.